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Login Session

In this meeting, which is the first contact of the client and the legal problem and the law office, it is aimed to determine the place of the problem in the world of law and to understand what the client's expectation is. In this first interview, the most honest and transparent form of the client will prevent the client from initiating a process that will be at the expense of the client by explaining the foreseeable profit and loss. In the event of a legal consultation or legal representation phase as a result of the entry session, this session is not charged extra.

Detailed Analysis and Advice

Legal decisions can be difficult and complex, so it is important to adopt a conscious approach. With this service, you can rely on Capital Law to guide you through every step of the process. It is aimed that all the results that may be in favor of the client are targeted at any stage, by presenting the recommendations for the result and starting legal attorney with the issuance of power of attorney. In accordance with our principles of transparency and innovation, the membership of KapitalHukuk website is defined specifically for the Client. You can view and download information and documents about the whole legal process from anywhere through this membership.

Team Meeting
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